Bonjour Tristesse – Francoise Sagan


Well, I was not able to distinguish the value of the book from their character. And I did not like these characters…

The story: Cecyl is a young woman who lives with his superficial father, a man who likes changing girlfriends like breakfasts. They are spending a summer on the sea and in these weeks the girlfriend of her father is Elsa, almost superficial as he. But Anna arrives, she a family friend: a very intelligent and smart woman. The man leaves Elsa and promises to marry Anna. But Cecyl fears that Anna will force them to become more responsible: for instance, she often asks Cecyl what she wants to do with her studies. And the young woman doesn’t like it. So she manages that Elsa lets see herself with Cecyl’s boyfriend, so that his father grows jealous.

At the end, the father falls in the trick, Anna discovers it and she kill herself in a car accident.

I did not understand the incertainity of Cecyl: she often says that she likes Anna, that Anna can help them to become more mature, that Anna is lovely and beautiful, a true Woman. But on the other side she organizes this joke… Take a decision, please: either you like her, or not.

The novel is full of her regrets about what she is doing, but she goes on doing it!

And the father… please! Just a caricature.

Not only this: the story is very slow all along the book, and just in the two final chapters someting happens. But while there was a lot to read about Cecyl’s thinking when nothing was happening, we almost know nothing about what she thinks when the worst has happened.

The only thing that we know is that she feels sad: bonjour tristesse.

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