Who I am


Female, born in 1974, italian, living in the North East of Italy, 50 km from Venice;
Vegan, book addicts…

What can I say to describe myself?
Imagine an adjective. Then imagine the opposite. Well, I am both ones.
Isn’t this true for you too?

No matter who I am; but what I write should matter.

In any case, you are welcome in my blog.

12 responses to “Who I am

  1. Sono felice di aver scoperto il tuo blog… Tornerò spesso a trovarti 🙂

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  2. Thank you for liking my post. Much appreciated. Stay tuned for a positive thought each morning. Best wishes, Prof. Mitch

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  3. Khaya Ronkainen

    Lovely to meet, Librini. And thank you so much for visiting my blog!


  4. Rekha

    Hi pleased to know you🌺


  5. I am jealous you live in Italy. It is my favourite place! Thanks for popping by The Ludic Reader.


  6. Paulina

    I’m a book addict too :).

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