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The Reluctant Buddhist – William Woollard

imageLet’s talk about Nichiren’s Buddhism.

William Woollard, scientific TV author, got first introduced to Buddhism during his travels in the far East. Then – after his divorce, that left in him a deep scar – he met Sarah, who became his girlfriend, and who already was buddhist. Wollard started studying this “religion” just to find some arguments to rebut hers.

He was convinced that Buddhism had nothing to do in our current world, full of consumism and work: he still had in mind the stereotyped Buddhism, not the true one.

Actually page after page, practice after practice, meeting after meeting, he discovered a more profound meaning, something that went beyond the statues and the incenses. He found out the he felt better.

A lot of self help books, nowadays, try to help people to find happiness just taking some isolated suggestions of Buddhism.

Its aims is to find happiness. Happiness is not something that we can find outside; we all know this, and despite this we go on looking for richness, partners, holidays, houses, cars, jewelry and so on.

Happiness is a choice. It has nothing to do with religion, if with this word we just mean some outside practice and obedience. It is all about self confidence: the certainity that we can become better than we currently are.

Somethimes we just forget it. Therefore: just memento!

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