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The Snowden files – Luke Harding


Don’t you notice how many changes the 9.11 events have brought to the world? How many governments consider themselves authorized to lower citizens rights in order to rise security standards?

This is why the story of Snowden has found such a broad listening: the little man against the giants who take advantage of general fear. No wonder that Oliver Stone made a movie on it.

About the book: although the story is interesting, for me, Italian, it was rather difficult, after a while, to go on reading about all those names and acronymes that go deep into American and Britain administrations and newspapers systems.

But, although I think that the 9.11 was not a proper attack from Islamic powers (where are the mass distruction weapons that authorized the war against Saddam? Where is the corpse of Osama Bin Laden?), I made myself a question, after reading this book: if I had to choose between a governement that listens to my phone calls and reads into my e-mails, on one side, and, on the other side,¬†an Islamic school that forces its pupils to learn by heart some verses (that pupils often do not understand, because they are in Arabic) and nothing else… what would I choose?

In these days, just as a matter of case, I had read Ayaan Hirsi Ali and I am reading Joseph Anton of Salman Rushdie: both of them were/are victims of Islamic thinking.

I do not like strong powers, neither governments nor religions, but if I had to choose… I would put at the first place peace and life, not privacy.

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