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Proteinaholic – Garth Davis, MD

You know what I like of this book? Beside the reality that the author is a very good looking man? He admits that he is a former proteinaholic, not only for himself but also for his patients.
Yes, because he is a bariatric surgeon: he works with fatty people, and has a very good experience in what can make you fit or… fat!

It is not easy for people to admit that former behaviour was wrong, but Davis did it. He admits that he prescribed a lot of proteins and low-fat meat, before noticing that such diet didn’t work for his patients, not for himself. Not only this: such kind of diet was dangerous for health.

Of course this did not happen in a couple of days. First of all, he had to read a lot of nutrition researches. Then he applied on himself what he learned, and after seeing the results, he started to suggest people to eat plant based.

There usually are two reasons why people change habits: because they want to escape from something, or because they want to get something. In the first step, Davis tried to escape from unhealthy future; then he noticed how much energy he got with this new lifestyle and now he goes on because he wants to get better and better. He also became a Triathelte!

Interesting are the parts where he explained the cons of Atkins and Paleo diets, and why these two diets, despite the health problems they cause, are so famous and applied (at least for few months).

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