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You deserve the Best – Lucia Giovannini

imageLucia Giovannini is a former fashion model. She has a Doctorate in Psychology and Counselling and she is member of American Psychological Association. She is a NLP trainer and she has founded BlessYou! association, wich aims to personal and social consciousness.

Although the main tecniques she mentions are the same ones of Tony Robbins (for instance, the “Questions” tecnique), I like giovannini for her personality.

She has reached her self consciousness through a very personal path, she has travelled all around the world to study different spiritual ways, and her approach doesn’t aim to success, but to happiness. It could seems the same thing, but the change of words is a change of mindset.

The part I like most is the one about habits and training.

Little gestures make the difference. Big transformations are due to piling up of many little steps and little results. Everything starts from habits wich lead our lives. We do not choose our future, habits do it.

The secret of our future is written in our daily routine.

The only way to change a habit, is to create a new one. You can choose calm instead of anger, for instance and thus reinforce the neuronal path of calm.

In the daily life you forget the power of choices. You forget to choose.

You take what you find in your path, you do not look for something else. You are content with this house, this husband, this work, this country. As if you do not deserve the best.

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The courage to be yourself – Alessandro Chelo


Talent trainer, Alessandro Chelo is a coach of several successful managers and has also worked side by side with famous sport trainers.

This book is not a manual, it doesen’t give you suggestions like “if you have this problem, then do this”, but it lets you reason about your level of authenticity.

When are you authentically yourself? Chelo destroys a lot of myths on this matter.

First of all, you are not authentic just because you say what you think. Why the hell should you sputter each of your thoughts into someone’s face? We live in a conflicts culture and in every talk show or interview we see people who offend other people, and then justify this attitude by saying: “I have been honest!”

Well, all this alleged honesty is often just lack of self control, low respect, aggressiveness, conceit.

Are we authentic when we are coherent? It depends what you mean with the word coherence. Do you mean to act and think in the same way year after year, without considering the situations changes? This is not coherence: this is stubbornness, this is laziness, this is blindness, not coherence to yourself.

I particularly liked the parts about talents.

I have always thought that my talents coincided with my passions (mainly: reading and writing). That is not true. Your express your talents throught your passions, maybe, but not always. It is hard now, for me. This revelation lets me ask myself: and now? Wich are my true talents, then??

Another revelation: I always thought that you do not fail until you give up.

Again: wrong! Failure doesn’t exhist. Because failure is often the missing conformity to someone else’s goals.

Is a Porsche a symbol of my idea of success? No. Although someone could think that my canary-coloured Arosa is a failure (just an example, uh!).

Considering my feeble memory, I try now to keep at least one message from the many ones I have read in this book. The true pivot of authenticity is not the question “How shall I behave now?”, but “How do I really feel I should behave now?”

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Leader of yourself – Roberto Re

imageThis would be a great inspiring book. It reminds us that we can take decisions about our lives, and that if we don’t, we take in any case some kind of decision. It teaches how to become counscious about our fears and beliefs, values and goals: no miracles in this book, nothing supernatural, just some little truths that we usually forget.

So, why have I written that this book would be that great? Simply because I have read Tony Robbins one week ago.

Roberto Re openly admits at the beginning that he is often defined as the Italian Robbins and that he is proud of this. Robbins is his idol. Re has attended all his meetings and read all his books and got all his videotapes.

Actually, the general scheme of this book matches Awaken The Gian Within: difference between dreams and goals, decisions, actions, when a goal can be called so, top ten list of goals, and so on. If contens are ok, as they are, I have nothing against repetition. But Roberto Re says that he has kept an European/Italian point of view in writing his book.

Now I ask myself: where??

A lot of examples are the same one of Robbin’s book (es. the story of Elvys Presley or Sylvester Stallone) with very few exeptions of italian guys. I believe that he should have taken many more examples of successfull people from our country, like the one of Nerio Alessandri, the founder of Technogym, for instance. We do not miss such people, In Italy and in Europe.

A lot of quotes are the same ones of Robbin’s (Mark Twains, Mother Terese, Herny Ford, Robbins himself…).

Re even puts some opinions of famous Readers of his book at the very first pages: a typical USA literary habit.

Well, shall I then discourage you from reading this book? Not at all! Repetition is the key word, although I am a little dismaied by the Robbin’s method copying. We Always need to repeat inside ourselves that we can get something more, just if… just if… just if…

Last comment: we live in a crisis period, don’t we? Well, long life to people like Robbins, Re, Livio Sgarbi, favaretto, who created a new job: the coaching.

Are you workless? Then create your own job. And, please, do not try to produce something new. The world has plenty of objects that must then be thrown away, with all ecological consequences.

The work of the future must turn around people, not objects. The work of the future is not linked to production, but to service.


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