Review: Passengers (2016)

I particularly liked the first part, when Chris Pratt (too young for me, anyway, I would not throw him away…) must take a decision about awakening Jennifer Lawrence: a one-man life is not worth living, after all, and a romance has more probability to be seen at the cinema. But if I was on his place, I would have enjoied the one year alone, considering all the books I could have read… silence, an e-book reader, a pool, a gym… yes, you need other people to discuss what you read, but how many people do I find here, in my town, to discuss books? The situation would have been not much different!

From a sci-fi movie I do not ask for too much engineering deepness, I just need that it is probably, like this. I just wonder about the necessity of Andy Garcia at the end, in a 30 second appearance.

What do you expect from a Scifi movie? I just want that it let me forget that I must go back to work on Monday. Not much, I admit that I am not a cultured one, but I found this in Passengers.

I just made myself a question, at the end: why did they not have children? Just a couple, to have company. I am not fond of children, not at all, but in that case…

Here below you see a deeper review (not mine):

This week at the theaters brings us a space movie entitled Passengers!  With such star power involved such as Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence, the movie could be a big hit if made correctly.  So …

Source: Review: Passengers (2016)

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