Lady of Avalon – Marion Zimmer Bradley


I am very sorry: I tried, I strove to read this novel, because I decided that I had to read a fantasy classic, at last. But I cannot go on…

Women are all equal and tasteless, all beautiful and with long hairs. Gawen, the main character, is a boy who doesn’t seem to be able to take a decision after some thinking: then, suddently he does something. People don’t act like this.

Then, there is a lot of useless scenes, one among the other is when Gawen and the Fairie lady and Sianna go to see the King Deer. What does this scene stand for? Same opinion about all the chants and the rituals of the priestesses:no pathos, just movements and trances and sleep to get visions and dreams. By the way: how much do these people sleep?

The first 100 pages, when Gawen arrives in Avalon are simply boring. I have no other adjectives. Flowers, rituals and sacred stones.

I read that the author was a feminist: but if so, why all her female characters are so meaningless?

I read that this novel serie should talk about the Nature powers. But if this Avalon people loved nature so much, why do they eat meat? And what do they do to help the Earth? Just rituals?? Hands up to the sky?

What a silliness.

I discontinued the reading on page 140 (of 563).

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  1. l’ho letto molti anni fa quando ero un’adolescente e mi piacque molto; ma dubito che se lo rileggessi adesso proverei le stesse emozioni… 😉


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