Reading tip!

Fall on Your Knees, by Ann-Marie MacDonald

During my trip among Canadian Writers, I met this wonderful novel. You must read it!

Actually, I must be honest: at the beginning I suspended the reading because the style was too much ebullient for my standards, but once you get it, once you mastered this hurdle, you cannot put down the pages, you must go on and find out what will happen to the four sisters (and how the older one got pregnant!).

How deft this author has been to push me to go on till the end! You get involved because characters are not all good or all wicked: they are like us, intentions may be unselfish, we maybe try to justify our actions, but at the end we harm our friends and relatives.

We all feel corseted in narrow environments, surrounded by short-sighted people, don’t we? What, you don’t?

Well, maybe not like Kathleen and Frances; maybe you simply survive like Mercedes, by finding a parochial life goal; or like Lily, by simply loving… but don’t you feel that you miss something? That you sometimes transform yourself into a crabby person without knowing why? Don’t you sometimes feel the dearth of hope glimmers?

Maybe you react to this faults with giddiness in demeaning social meetings, but, halo, try to be with-it! Take it calm and steady: you know with your entrails that you miss something. Everyone hobbles on toward the future and try to ignore these signals.

And, at the end, things fall.

But do not fret about yourself. Even in the worst scenario, there is still an exit door. Lily found it. Frances lost it, despite her energies. Mercedes never saw it, although it was in front of her. Kathleen had not enough time to go out. And their father never asked for it. But it was there.

At the end, it is up to the character’s decision. At the end it is all up to you.

This is why I love literature: it reminds you that it is all up to you.

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