The heretic’s daughter -Kathleen Kent


I have read some reviews that are spread out through the web and all of them agree that there was an incredible quantity of jealousy and fear in those day when the Salem witchcraft trials were held. Some of the reviewers were very astonished about this fact.

But let’s reason just a little bit more deeper: is the nowadays situation very different?

Nowadays we are just a little more sensible and the law system is just a little fairer, but to tell the truth, I do not see that big difference between a Mercy and some of the people I know. Of course, you would not see me hanging from a tree in the middle of a square, but there are a lot of ways to hang a person, to separate her from the community, to chat about her supposed faults. I mean: the core humanity is still the same, no matter if there are not indians raids, abductions and ransoms anymore.

If you refuse to defer to people in power (wichever power it may be, official or not), you are signed.

One of the most remarkable features in this book is… the end. The part in wich you find questions that allow you to discuss Abou this book and the Salem trials. One of the questions is the following one:

Are you aware of any social intolerance in the community in wich you live? If so, discuss the nature of that intolerance (for example, religious, ethnic, xenophobic). Do you think this intolerance could ever rise to the toxic level of the Salem witch hunts? Why or why not?

If they have reported this questions, it means that my comment is not that odd…

And let’s see one of the ideas that I do not agree with: the custom to dress like a witch in the places where the Salem Trials took place (I saw some videos in youtube): people were killed for stupid reasons and fears. I do not think it is a kind custom…

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