Happy Brain – Wendy Suzuki


My Italian edition tells “more intelligent, more active, happier – the method that awakens and empower the mind”. So you expect an essay about scientific researches on brain, neurons and hormons.

This is actually a part of what you will find on this book: updated and carefully examined. But the most funny part is Suzuki’s life.

When she was a child, she dreamed to become a Hollywood star. Then she became a swot and shy girl. After that, she became a very awarded scientist and teacher.

But she was not happy.

This is the story of her change.

She started with the relationship with her parents: they never told each other sentences like “I love you” and when she decided to change this aspect, she first asked for… permission!!

Then she noticed that she was fat and in no shape at all. So she got on diet (again: a high protein diet, my god, someone must tell her to read Campbell, Esselstyn, Fuhrman, McDougall, Barnard, because she cannot he healthy with such a lifestyle) and started to exercise.

Exercise is the pivot of the book; Wendy Suzuki even put the exercise in a college class! The author analyses the effect of exercise on the brain, on the memory, on creativity and on self-image. She explains using her knowledge of neuroscience, but the book is never hard to understand.She also gives us some tips: how to develop our brain capabilities through 4-minutes easy and little things (for instance: listen to TED’s videos or go up and down from your stairs).

Of course I do not agree with her high protein diet decision. And I do not agree with her when she says that the intentional exercise shall embody self-empowerment sentences without distinguish among them (for instance, she once suggests a negative wording like “I have no fear”, when I know that such sentences must never be negative, as it seems that our unconscious does not recognize the “not” form). But I liked her change a lot!

She was almost 40 years old when she noticed that something did not work in her life. Above all, I like her sincerity when she tells about her love affairs. I gasped when I read that she tried to meet new men through a meeting-organizer and through internet: is this so normal in the USA? And what about the coach? And the feng-shui mentor?

A well-know neuro-scientist with such whims!

Thanks God: I still have hope.

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