Pharmacy for the soul, Osho


In the list of Osho’s book that I liked the most, this is at the last place.

It is a list of different kinds of meditations, but at the beginning of the book the author warns you not to apply them all: you have to take one, that you feel the most suitable for your issue, and go on with that for the time indicated (or more, if you want/can).

But the meditations are a lot… and each of us has more than one issue to heal. As a result: either I chose one meditation and go on with it (but in this case it is useless to go on reading the book) or I try to apply them all, one after one. After one. After one. After one…. till I will become 70 years old and I will understand the one that was most suitable for me.

No problem, in each book there is always something to save. In this case, it is the chapter about the moods.

I try to translate some sentences:

Unhappiness makes you special. Happiness is a universal phenomenom, has nothing special. Nobody like a happy person (…). If you are happy, you are individual, if you are unhappy, you are part of the mass. (…) When you are unhappy, you are conformist and society loves conformity. (…) If someone is unhappy, help him but do not get on with him; Do not give him the impression that unhappiness is something worthy.

This is 100% true. If you are happy, you authomatically become envied, as if there would not be enough happiness for everyone in this world, as if you had stolen something that is available only in little quantity on this earth.

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