Holocaust – Gerald Green


I usually like reading Holocaust books because I do not understand yet, how a full nation can become so cruel or indifferent to a Whole people group. And book after book… nothing changes. I mean, I do not understand it yet, but maybe I memorize the little symphtoms that a nation show when it is choosing that way. In this period of great immigration, this faculty can become useful.

Anyway, this novel has been born as a script from the same author, and from the script it maintains the same scenes fastness.

The most interesting parts are the ones dedicated to the nazi Erik Dorf, who did not particularly hate the jews at the beginning, but who at the end becomes one of the most fierce defendor of Holocaust. Is the evil really so banal?
Well, the lost of compassion is gradual, and if you do not stop to think, you cannot notice it.

The same thing can happen to each of us. Somethimes we need to stoop and think.

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