Full of Life – John Fante


I thought that this was the authobiography of a writer; actually, it is the autobiography of a becoming father.

The story starts when Fante has already experienced the poverty but hungry years are over now: he has a wife and a nice house.

But his wife is pregnant and her personality offers a new side each day.

The biggest problem, however, arises when the house is invaded by white ants. The chipest solution is to take a plane and meet his father and ask him, a bricklayer, to help them with the floor and the walls that are softer than a chocolate cake.

Well: Fante’s parents are Italian immigrants. The description of his mother fainting down when he pops up in front of her, is simply exhilarating. Exaggerated? Not so much!

And the dislike of his father for books? And the second-rate theology of the Italian priester? And the wife who wants to become catholic?

So cure, this book.

Just the happy end is irrealistic: it seems that all problems are over when the child is born.

Well, my guy, this is just the beginning…


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