Why I start writing my blog in English


From now on I will write this blog in English. Maybe I will allow myself some exceptions, for instance, in case of topics that are interesting for my italian followers only; but the English posts will be my rule, in the future.

Why? For below reasons:

  • there are not many readers in Italy. I am tired of a nation where books are considered as furniture pieces; in addition to that, the English readers are a much broader platform (and not only in WordPress)
  • it is a good exercise for my English, and it can be an advantage for my export department job too.
  • I fear that my future is not in Italy. On the long run, maybe in 10-20 years, it doesn’t matter when, I won’t live here anymore. Our politicians do not give any hope to their citizens. I am proud of Italian cultural history, but I am ashamed of current clown statesmen, who allege to govern our country;
  • many books that I read are of english speaking authors. When not, I would like that some Italian Writers could be worldwide known through my posts.
  • foreign languages are one of the best ways to exercise the brain, and my husbands Always tells me that I am forgetful;-)

I hope you wil forgive my english mistakes.

I will lose some of my italian followers, for sure, but I believe that English Language should be our second mother tongue or, at least, that each inhabitan of our little Boot shall thrive to read and use it.

I hope to reach many more books addicts all around the world!


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4 responses to “Why I start writing my blog in English

  1. Il tuo inglese è molto bene. Sono colpito 🙂


  2. Chiara

    Credo che se si vuole scrivere un blog in inglese la prima cosa sia avere un buon inglese. Mi permetto quindi, da insegnante quale sono, di correggerti alcuni macroscopici errori, tipo il principale che vuole gli aggettivi relativi alle nazionalità in maiuscolo. Per il resto comunque devo dire che scrivi molto bene! Ma che ne dici di scrivere i tuoi post in inglese e in italiano? otterresti il tuo scopo per quanto riguarda l’inglese e non perderesti i lettori italiani (anzi, li aiuteresti anche con l’inglese!) Ciao


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